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Mar 08

7 Tips For Tidying Up A Small Home

By Maid in Hoboken

Tidying up a small home can seem simple. However, with less space, clutter becomes overwhelming quickly. No one likes to live in a messy place; it doesn’t matter their home size. That’s why we gather for you these seven decluttering tips for small homes, so grab your cleaning tools and let’s start!  Declutter daily Keeping clutter away is challenging for everyone. However, in small homes, the space for clutter runs out over time. If you are living in a smaller home, daily decluttering seems almost mandatory. However, it... read more

Tackle your spring cleaning right away! Welcoming the new season with a clean home has many health benefits; learn more in our infographic.

After the health crisis broke out last year, it’s natural to ask yourself how to protect your children’s health—parents know toys can go from the floor to their child’s mouth at any moment. When it comes to toddlers and small children, sanitizing their space means keeping things clean where they play. In this blog, you will learn six safe ways to sanitize toys and surfaces.  When it comes to toys, it could be hard to know how often you need to clean them. Disinfect plastic-made objects like bath... read more

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