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Sep 03

How Dirty Are Hotel Rooms?

By Maid in Hoboken

Lifestyles and Living Whether you’re away on a trip or treating yourself to a staycation, there’s something incredibly alluring about hotel rooms. They have air conditioning (most of the time), big beds, pools, a minibar, and best of all; they’re always kept clean. But, are they as clean as you imagine, though? Perhaps you’ve seen worst things found in hotel rooms like a stray hair on the supposedly fresh linen or you’re asking yourself why all hotel carpets are dark? Read on for 6 more surprising ways in... read more


Let’s be honest; most of us realize the dirty, unsanitary conditions of our mattresses but choose to pull a fresh sheet over the mattress pad and think ‘out of sight, out of mind’! The importance of cleaning one’s mattress is often overlooked. All mattresses need to be cleaned occasionally.  The general recommendation is at least once or twice a year.  Some mattresses will come with specific instructions for cleaning them, if yours did, please follow those instructions so you can keep any warranties that your mattress has!  If... read more


Air pollution is on the rise, and there’s not much we can do about it when we step outside. The air in our homes in Hoboken, however, is something we have full control over. We should never have to compromise on the air quality in our homes. And it should always take necessary measures to improve and keep it clean. This brings us to the importance of residential air duct cleaning. To ensure that air ducts aren’t contaminating the air in your home, cleaning and checking when needed... read more

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