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New Jersey may not have a lot of professional sports teams that bear its name, but the Garden State still hosts the some of the biggest sports teams in the country, and New Jerseyites still support them all the same.

Here are five professional New Jersey pro sports teams that every person from the Garden State must love:

Brooklyn Nets (Basketball)

The Brooklyn Nets (formerly New Jersey Nets) may have moved state, but there is no denying that this NBA team has made a home in NJ for the longest time. The Nets have even won two conference titles while bearing the name of NJ. Staying in the Garden State for more than 30 seasons have made NJ basketball fans support the team, even after moving to the Big Apple.

New York Yankees (Baseball)

New Jersey has no professional baseball team to carry its name, but it does not stop its people from supporting the sport. The Yankees are already considered a tradition, being in the game for more than a hundred years. And though a lot of sports fans may have been disappointed in the Yankee’s performance in the past years, the support of NJ fans still does not waver.

New York Giants (Football)

The New York Giants are the longest standing football team in the Northeast, having been founded in 1925. With a record of winning eight major league team championships, New Jerseyites are quick to love the Giants as if they were their own. And why not? New Jersey has hosted the Giants ever since they moved their home field to the Giants Stadium in 1976.

New York Red Bulls (Soccer)

Like the Giants, the Red Bulls also carry the name New York but holds its practice in Harrison, New Jersey. NJ loves the Red Bulls so much they even created a group in 2005 called the Garden State Ultras. And to show their mutual support to its fans, the Red Bulls has reserved specific areas in the Red Bull Arena for their loyal supporters.

New Jersey Devils (Ice Hockey)

We saved the best for last! Every person from New Jersey must know that the New Jersey Devils are NJ’s pride and joy.  And why wouldn’t it be? The Devils are considered one of the best hockey teams in the league, with a record of winning three championships! The Devils’ are currently busy preparing for the 101st season of the National Hockey League, but you can catch them from time to time in their home court at the Prudential Center.

New Jersey is indeed is a good place for sports lovers. NJ is home to a great number of sports centers! There is no excuse not to go out there and cheer for your favorite teams. And while you’re out there having the best of times, why not take the opportunity to get your house professionally cleaned? It would be nice to go home to a clean house after a great game, don’t you think?