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4 Easy ways to clean

4 Easy ways to clean and sanitize your childs play area and toys

After the health crisis broke out last year, it's natural to ask yourself how to protect your children's health—parents know toys can go from the floor to their child's mouth at any moment. When it comes to toddlers and small children, sanitizing their space means keeping things clean where they play. In this blog, you will learn six safe ways to sanitize toys and surfaces

When it comes to toys, it could be hard to know how often you need to clean them. Disinfect plastic-made objects like bath toys or action figures once per week. Wipe clean electronic devices every week too. Baby toys or any other item your toddler put in their mouth should be disinfected daily or every two days.

  1. Regular dish soap and water

Washing toys in the sink is easy and fast. It works great for plastic and non-electronic toys like plastic blocks. To be sure the toy is safe to use for your toddler, you need to scrub with soap every surface on the toy, and then rinse thoroughly and let it air-dry. After that, the toy is safe to use for your kid. 

  1. Washing machine

Use your washing machine to clean fabric-made toys like stuffed animals. Consult the label on the stuffed toys to confirm if it's safe to launder. To prevent any damage, put the toys in a pillowcase and use the delicate cycle. Always make sure little pieces are still fixed on the toy before giving it to your child.

  1. Dishwasher

You can take advantage of your dishwasher to disinfect some of your kid's toys. Only use light cycles on the dishwasher, without heating dry, and wash toys that can get wet—mostly, the ones made from plastic. 

  1. Commercial surface cleaners 

To prevent health risks when it comes to your children, always use non-toxic cleaners and disinfectants. When using commercial cleaners, read the label instructions and precautions thoroughly. You can use eco-friendly DIY sanitizers on surfaces and toys that aren't in contact with the outside. However, if you purchase toys from a second-hand store, you are at risk of getting viruses and bacterias from the outside, so make sure to use a non-toxic and authorized disinfectant.

Besides keeping your kid's toys and play areas clean and disinfected, you have to prevent any harmful effects the chemical products can have on them. Never leave out cleaning products where your children can reach them and do the household chores when they are not around. Pay extra attention when using chlorine bleach; only use it diluted with water and no other product. Be mindful of handling bleach using it in ventilated areas preventing inhaling any of the fumes.

We hope that learning the best way to clean your kids' play area and toys will make your household chores easier. Remember that you don't have to do the cleaning alone; let Maid in Hoboken handle those tasks! We are a team of experienced cleaners in Hudson County. Check out our services, learn about us, and get your quote on our website.