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Home | Blog |What to Do with the Extra Space After the Kids go to College?

A kid going off to college is a pretty emotional shift for many families, and the house certainly feels different for a while for the people who stay behind. A thing that doesn’t get a lot of attention, however, is what to do with the extra space of a newly empty room, mostly because some families like to preserve it as is in case the kid boomerangs back home or just for sentimental reasons.

Well, that’s a very valid way to do things, but you should know that an empty room is a treasure trove of opportunities to turn into a project that brings the family closer together.

The following tips are an introduction into the many, many things you can turn that extra space into now that it’s unoccupied, which doesn’t mean that you’re “replacing” any memories, but looking into the future, and even make some profit out of it! From a crafts room to a home gym and even a place to run a small business, most of them won’t even require you to do any construction work, just a little redecoration.

Check out these cool things to do with empty rooms!


Turn small bedrooms into a bar or lounge

Let’s be honest, if this is your last kid going off to college, you’re probably at an age where you want to kick back, relax, and have yourself a tasty drink with some friends. Well, now you can do just that! Your spare room is the perfect place for a cozy cocktail bar, especially if it’s located downstairs, all you need is the right furniture to give it the air you want it to have. You can buy pre-made “bars” or have it custom made locally, and you’re good to go. This is not only a good option for people who want to have a drink at home once in a while, but to those seeking a little bit of escapism without having to turn their lives upside-down.


A book-lover’s paradise at home

If you’re a true-to-heart bookworm, but forced to constantly send part of your collection to the attic or basement, now is your opportunity to keep them all in the same place. A library is not only one of the coziest options you can take for a spare room, but it’s one of the easies. All you need is a large enough bookcase, a comfy chair, maybe a small table, and the rest is up to your taste in décor. Home libraries are the perfect space for a family to unwind and have a dedicated “quiet room”.


Get healthy with a home gym

The gym presents some advantages over other projects for that spare room, and is also one of the most popular options. First of all, it’s comparatively easy to do, since it doesn’t require much in the way of furniture or carpeting; you can add all the machines you want, but these can be easily rearranged any time you like. The second advantage is that it’s pretty easy to clean, considering all the empty floor space that you’ll have. Finally, that’s one whole gym-membership that you’re saving on, which can add up to a pretty penny every year. If you want to get some use out of that old room and get healthy, this is a no brainer!


Turn it into a walk-in wardrobe

Yes, it’s indulgent, but it’s also really, really useful. Not only will you save yourself a ton of space in your main bedroom, but you’ll have a magazine-level space dedicated entirely to making you look good for any date night or public event. You can further adapt the space to hold a makeup station, which can help you declutter your bathroom, or wherever you’re currently holding. You also have more space to get dressed now and to store all your wardrobe, so creating outfits and looking great in them will be a piece of cake.


A cinema room for all to enjoy

Film-lovers, rejoice, because dedicated cinema rooms are some of the most special additions you can make to any household. A few would argue that having one is a little superfluous if you already have a TV in your living room, but hear us out. By taking that TV out of the living room and adapting a room entirely around media, then your living room can be a space dedicated entirely to just being in the moment and enjoying the people around you. Also, decorating your movie room like an actual theater is a fun way to make the experience much more immersive. Definitely, one of the best “extra bedroom” ideas if you love movies.