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Today's guest post is courtesy of Rachel N.

My roommate Jane and I have been best friends since middle school. We’ve always done everything together, so it’s no surprise that we chose the same college in Hoboken. After a year of living in separate dorms, we decided to move off campus and get an apartment together. We were both thrilled at the idea of throwing parties, decorating, and having comfortable space to relax and study!

Since moving into our own apartment, everything has been great between us. It is not at all like some of the scary roommate scenarios I’ve heard about. We both get more studying done, we’ve decked out the rooms, and we’ve planned our first party!

Dorm Cleaning Remedies for College Students

The thing that bothers me was a small thing that I wasn’t sure if I should mention at the time. It was just that Jane had a habit of not using coasters. Instead, she ended up leaving water marks behind on the wood. She’d spread out her books on our floor when she was studying for a big exam. Yet, only to leave marks from her glass of water on the hardwood. This meant that the next day there would generally be a new water stain. As water stains aren’t something that any business cleaning services  would cover during a routine visit for obvious reasons, I felt compelled to find a solution.

Instead of bringing it up, I decided to try googling “how to remove water stains from a wood floor.” I even searched for the best cleaning product for wood floors in the hopes of finding a solution. I went as far as trying window and carpet cleaning products on our hardwood to try and get the marks out. I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, so I planned to just find a way to clean them up without ever having to mention them.

However, when no cleaning remedies that was working, I confided in Jane that the water marks were kind of bothering me. She totally understood and was bummed that I didn’t say something sooner. After all, we have been friends for almost eight years and have been through so much together. She apologized and said she would make a better effort to use coasters in the future.

Easy - to - do Cleaning Remedies in Dorms

cleaning remediesThat’s when the biggest surprise of all happened. Jane went into the bathroom and brought back an old toothbrush and toothpaste. Then, I watched in amazement as she simply brushed the water stain out of the hardwood. I couldn’t believe that I almost gave up when such a simple solution was right in front of me! In no time, the water marks had completely disappeared.

Now, our hardwood floors are free of water marks and look as beautiful as they did on the day that we moved in. On the rare occasion that a water mark does pop up. I now know how easy it is to remove water marks from wood with the help of effective cleaning remedies. Jane is doing a great job of remembering to use coasters, and our friendship and roommate relationship are stronger than ever.