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New Jersey may not have a lot of professional sports teams that bear its name, but the Garden State still hosts the some of the biggest sports teams in the country, and New Jerseyites still support them all the same. Here are five professional New Jersey pro sports teams that every person from the Garden State must love: Brooklyn Nets (Basketball) The Brooklyn Nets (formerly New Jersey Nets) may have moved state, but there is no denying that this NBA team has made a home in NJ for... read more

Sep 03

How Dirty Are Hotel Rooms?

By rmalaski

Lifestyles and Living Whether you’re away on a trip or treating yourself to a staycation, there’s something incredibly alluring about hotel rooms. They have air conditioning (most of the time), big beds, pools, a minibar, and best of all; they’re always kept clean. But, are they as clean as you imagine, though? Perhaps you’ve seen worst things found in hotel rooms like a stray hair on the supposedly fresh linen or you’re asking yourself why all hotel carpets are dark? Read on for 6 more surprising ways in... read more

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