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Why You Should Stop Using Plastic Bags For Grocery Shopping

More and more people each day are taking a look at how their daily routines are having an impact on the environment. Instead of cleaning reusable items, and dusting the old ones off, it’s tempting take the easy and convenient way out of getting everything new.

So much of what we do plays a negative role in how the Earth is going to look like in the future, and it’s time for each of us to take a look at what we can do differently to slow down the decay. And there’s one particular piece of waste in our everyday lives that pollutes our streets, cities, and oceans.  This plastic grocery environmental impact is huge. We’re talking of course about the plastic in our grocery shopping. You might automatically think of just plastic grocery bags, but you probably don’t even realize just how much plastic you are actually bringing home from the store.

Your bottled water is in a single-use plastic container, as are other drinks that are bottled in plastic. Many food items are packaged in plastic containers. Bakery items are in plastic bags and plastic cases, deli items come in plastic sacks, much of the frozen food comes in plastic bags or packages, meat is packaged in plastic, coffee cups are plastic.

We buy cookies that sit on a plastic tray inside a plastic bag. When we are through with our shopping, we bag all of our plastic containers up in plastic bags to take them home. If you use disposable plates, straws, cups, spoons, forks, and knives, most of them are made of plastic. Soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, razors and other toiletries are packaged in plastic containers.

So much of the food we eat and so many of the products we use are contained in plastic. Unfortunately, a lot of these plastics cannot be recycled. Even when they can be recycled, too many people don’t follow the necessary steps.

Plastic packaging gets into rivers and streams and causes serious problems for aquatic life. But plastics are known to be full of chemicals that can be harmful to humans as well. These toxic chemicals can disrupt hormones among causing other health problems. Some countries and states have outright banned single use plastics because of the problems they present.  This and other reasons contribute on why we should not use plastic bags anymore.

We need everyone on board with more environmentally safe changes, so it’s time for you to start cleaning out the closets to find your old reusable grocery bags. Take the time to learn how to properly recycle. Leave a better earth for the next generation.

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