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Thanksgiving starts the busiest holiday season of the year.  If you are hosting the Thanksgiving Dinner, you need to get your cooking supplies and prepare your home ahead of time.   If you’re already panicking because of the before and after Thanksgiving cleaning is overwhelming, then stop for a minute. We’ve made a checklist that can help you go through the holidays in a breeze, regarding cleaning, that is. So let’ start:

  • Start cleaning from ceiling to your floor

We all know this tip isn’t just for cleaning before or after Thanksgiving, right? We’d just like to remind you of this golden rule that you have to start at the top, specifically your ceiling. Clean off cobwebs, then move to your cabinets and fixtures to dust. After that wipe or dust off everything in between and start cleaning your floors. Vacuum the carpets and sweep the other floors. Cleaning this way will help you because you won’t miss any spots.

  • Don’t forget to clean your refrigerator

It’s no secret that food plays an essential part during the holiday celebration. As such, you may also need to clean your fridge to prepare for Thanksgiving. If you have a second refrigerator that is empty, then just make sure it is clean, empty and working.

Without a second refrigerator, you need to start cleaning it.  First, pull out the food that you have in it and check the expiration dates, tossing everything that is expired or not needed.   Wash the drawers and shelves and then towel dry before placing back in your refrigerator.   Now take time to organize the things you have so that there is adequate space for all those Thanksgiving dishes.

  • Get your carpet cleaned

To keep your carpet looking new, hire the best carpet cleaning service in town. It’s important to let them clean your carpet since they have the experience and ability to remove any stains and odors.  Then set up a spot for your guests to deposit their boots and shoes when they come in, that way the floors will stay clean.

  • Prepare trash and recycling bins before Thanksgiving day

This tip will make the cleanup easier on Thanksgiving day.  Set up containers for food left on the plates, those recyclable beverage containers, plastic, and paper products beforehand and label them.  That way your guests will know where everything goes once they finish eating.  If you think any bins or trash cans may fill up more than once, just put a few extra bags underneath the first one, that way there’s already another bag to pull up and use.

  • Consider using Holiday Plastics and Paper Products

Replace the linen tablecloth with a plastic one, at least on the table for the kids.  That is so much easier to clean!

Consider using fancy Paper Plates for the desserts so there are less dishes to wash.

If you still feel overwhelmed with these tips, you can always call the experts to help you prepare your home for Thanksgiving. Get the best home cleaning services now!