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Hoboken has a long and important history in America. As part of the New York City metropolitan area, it shares a lot with the Big Apple, but it has its own identity and sites to explore. The city is graced with marvelous and several Hoboken historical sites that are unique to the locality. These sites not only attract residents but also visitors from all over the world.

The Hudson River

The  315-mile river that flows north to south chiefly through the eastern part of the state of New York. The river serves as a political borderline at its southern end, between the states of New Jersey and New York. The river is named after Henry Hudson (an Englishman sailing who explored it in 1609). Over the past years, Hudson River has experienced an economic revitalization, especially in favor of green development and you can see that in Hoboken’s riverfront.

You can spend time in the water and enjoy, don’t worry, the water is clean and safe. A river promenade passes through Hoboken on its way north to the George Washington Bridge and starts from Bayonne.

Castle Point

Do you know that castle point is the highest point in Hoboken? Now you know! The point resembles the Castilian coast in Spain. Hence, the name ‘’Castle Point’’, which originates from ‘‘Castille Point’’. Castle Point is part of the Stevens Institute of Technology campus and also includes the surrounding area and streets such as the yellow brick Castle Point Terrace.

Beaux-Arts Architecture

Since the early 1900s, the magnificent Beaux-Arts architecture was a well-known design at the time and many buildings in New Jersey. Some of the buildings were, Hoboken Terminal and City Hall which were crafted in perfect flair. Visiting these places brings out the beauty of the old-world look and the magnificent feel of the Beaux-Arts epoch.

Clam Broth House

Clam Broth House was a Hoboken restaurant that operated more than a century. It opened in 1899. It attracted a lot of attention with numerous huge hand shaped signage. It was in 2004 that city officials condemned the building due to its structural defects caused by construction personnel. It was later bought in 2010 and then sold in 2012 to another restaurant. Come view a restaurant that has been standing since the 1800s, as this is a nice sight as you try to imagine the old days.

Hoboken Historical Museum

The Hoboken historic Museum was founded in 1986 and relocated to its current position at Hudson St. in 2001. It helps to display on the city’s history and local artists work. If you have an interest in artistic works, a visit to this place will leave you fascinated.

Sybil’s Cave

This is a cave with a natural water spring, that is now plunged at the bottom of the Stevens Institute of Technology hill, adjacent to the Castle Point Skate Park. It’s ornamented with a gothic-style stone arc. This can be a very good place to take pictures with your friends, relatives or a couple. The peripheral gate to the park is opened 24-hours a day. However, the gate to the cave is always locked as the water was found to contain many impurities.

These are just but a few sites to explore in Hoboken, New Jersey. There are quite a lot of fun things you can do and see in this city, all while a professional cleaning services takes care of your home. Don’t be afraid to explore!