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Tips for safely celebrating halloween

Tips for safely celebrating halloween

Imagine a year without Halloween. How would it be? Everybody loves the magic of Halloween. Don’t you?

Celebrating Halloween is a cherished tradition for many people in New Jersey.  It's more than just a fun party. But just like most activities this year, Halloween will be different. This doesn’t mean that it needs to be canceled entirely. But instead, activities will be carried out in a slightly stricter manner because of the pandemic. 

5 Important Tips for Safely Celebrating Halloween

With the right measures put in place, you can devour candy, create new traditions, and plan costumes.

Here are some essential safety tips that you need to employ while celebrating Halloween.

Wear a Face Mask

Halloween is still on for New Jersey, but this doesn't mean that costume masks substitute for a face mask. Unless it's made out of two or more layers with a breathable fabric, then that is when it can be used in place of a face mask.

When celebrating Halloween, ensure that you wear your face mask correctly, and both your face and nose are covered.

Modify Trick- or- Treating

Imagine how risky it will be to go trick-or-treating at homes of people you barely know. Instead, communicate with your neighborhood to place candies in individual containers, to have a safe trick or treating time. 

Have kids line up and pick the candies safely. You should also make sure that your child is wearing face masks properly and are breathing comfortably. These practices will yield a positive result, and your child’s health will be on the safer side.

Maintain Social Distance

You are excited, right? You cannot keep calm to meet your neighbors and friends. During the whole process of socializing, try as much as possible to maintain some social distance.

Maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet and avoid celebrating in confined spaces.

Clean Frequently Used Items

During Halloween celebrations, many items are used and handled by different people. Always make sure that such things used frequently are cleaned with soap and clean water.

 This will reduce the spread of COVID infections.

Stay at Home if you are Sick.

If you feel unwell or know someone who is sick, stay at home. You might feel unhappy to hear the sounds of neighbors celebrating, but it's for the sake of you and your loved ones.

Do your best to stay indoors or within your compound.

Additional Tips for Alternative Celebration

  • Set up a virtual haunted house in your home and guide people through the horror.
  • Plan a virtual costume or pumpkin-carving contest.
  • Organize a drive-by drive yard decorating contest where neighbors pick their preferred yard.
  • Have an outdoor Halloween movie night wearing masks. Ensure that everybody is maintaining social distance.

Bottom Line    

Everybody wants to enjoy Halloween, but in what ways? For you to have a successful Halloween, follow these guidelines carefully.  This article has provided several safety tips to apply during the coming Halloween. And if you stay home, you’re going to have to clean up more, like candy on the floors or stains on the sofa. Hire a professional cleaning service in these instances, so you don’t have to worry about anything more. 

 You should strictly follow the directions and enjoy Halloween 2020.