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Jan 27

Cleaning Hacks for Working Parents

By Maid in Hoboken

Making time to clean the house seems near impossible when you’re a working parent. Between work and taking care of the kids (which may include driving them to school, picking them up, taking them to soccer practice and a whole lot more), there’s just very little time for cleaning. What’s more, there are always those stray odd jobs or errands to run that take up more of your time and energy.

With that being said, you just need to know a few cleaning hacks to make your life a little simpler by getting your cleaning done faster! We’re going to give you our top 4 cleaning hacks for working parents that cut your cleaning time down to half!

1. Dusting Made Easy

Slip on a pair of old, damp socks on your hands and start wiping! It’s a great way of wiping all kinds of surfaces quickly and with ease. Pick up curios, wipe them quickly and place them on another shelf; then, with one quick swipe, you can wipe away dust from the shelf. You can also wipe the underside of shelves just as easily without the struggle of holding a rag properly to make sure you aren’t dusting with your bare hands! If you’re reluctant to use socks, consider buying rubber dusting gloves; they do fantastically well to pick up dust efficiently and quickly.

2. Vacuuming Corners Quickly

Do you ever waste time struggling to get dirt out of corners or hard to reach places? That’s because even vacuum heads don’t fit snuggly into these areas to remove dust and dirt efficiently. But this will; take an empty toilet roll, fit it onto the nozzle of your vacuum and pinch the other end to manipulate the shape. In this manner, you can change the form of your new vacuum head to clean different nooks and crannies.

3. Mopping with Socks On!

Mopping floors doesn’t take a whole lot of time, but scrubbing away stubborn stains requires more effort and more time. So this is where we combine mopping with a handheld mop and socks! You simply wear a damp sock on one foot (and a slipper on the other) and mop your floors like you typically would. When you come across a stain, don’t worry about using up all your arm strength to get rid of it; just wipe it away with the sock using minimal effort!

4. Let Cleaners Sit before You Clean

Cleaning your bathroom thoroughly is a necessity because good hygiene and good health go hand in hand. A classic rookie mistake many homeowners make is to start cleaning up the bathroom the minute they put the cleaning product to use. The smarter, more efficient and time-saving way to go about cleaning your bathroom is by allowing your cleaning products to sit (10 minutes or so is good enough). You can find something else to do while the cleaners work their magic. Once you’re ready to start cleaning, you’ll find that the sitting time has made stains much quicker to clean and with less of an effort too.

Thanks to our friend's at Duty Cleaners for the help in putting this article together for our valued audience!