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A 7-Step Process To Clean And Organize Your Closet For Fall

A 7-Step Process To Clean And Organize Your Closet For Fall

It's almost fall, and you know what's up: cooler weather, hot meals, and fantastic holiday celebrations! Surely, you're already thinking about what to wear. It's time to unpack your last year's clothes and reorganize your closet with old and new stuff. But, this process can take a couple of hours to do it right because you have to clean, do inventory, and organize everything, so it fits and stays in sight properly. Nobody wants a messy closet where you have to dig your way to reach a piece of clothing.

Keep reading this blog to learn great fall closet cleaning tips!

1. Pull out your summer pieces.

It might be tempting to fill your closet with your fall options without pulling out your old summer clothes. But, if you take a long way and empty all closet areas, including dresser drawers, your efforts will be worth it. This will be an excellent opportunity to clean all corners of your closet and also do inventory.

2. Eliminate mold and dust.

Spring isn't the only season you can give your home a deep cleaning. Commonly, your drawers and closets' insides can accumulate moisture from the hot days of summer, forming unwanted mold inside and affecting your clothes. Get your duster and clean every wall and corners. Then, eliminate ugly stains and foul odors with your favorite disinfectant or merely use some vinegar with water.

3. Store your summer clothes.

It's time to say goodbye to some summer accessories and pieces. In summer, people usually go to the beach or waterparks, and the chlorine, sand, and sunscreen usually wear out clothes quickly. Discard the ones that are to damage. Next, decide if you want to keep your summer fashion for next year or donate them. It can be challenging, but space is a precious thing, and you will feel more lightened by the time you finish. Those clothes that survive your inventory store them inside plastic bags, preferably transparent, so you won't have trouble finding them next year.

4. Do your Autumn Inventory.

Now it's time to unpacked those thick sweaters and long-sleeve shirts from the past year. Make sure all those winter dresses and suits still fit you and are not worn out. Don't store something that you won't enjoy wearing. Remember: if you didn't use it last year, the same will probably be true this year.

5. Have your kids grown this summer?

If you're also tackling your children's closet, then it's time to fit their clothes too. Kids grow up fast, and it's not worth storing all those fall clothes from last year if your children grew up even one inch. 

6. Organize by priority.

Once you select your fall pieces for this fall, then start folding and hanging. Put the clothes you'll be using regularly (like shirts and jeans) in front, and fold the thickest pieces on the bottom. If the article is heavy, avoid hanging it up because this usually stretches it or leave marks. Plan your storage visually; try to put everything on plain sight. You can use transparent containers and order clothes by type.

7. Make the most of your space!

Most people don't realize it, but almost every closet has unlimited potential to make more space. There are lots of DIY ideas and projects you can implement to fit everything in the right order for you. Check some ideas here.

Cleaning the closet for fall can be a half day's work, but it's worth it, especially for those who love to wear many outfits. Follow the previous process, and you will finish the job with better results and even faster than before. Remember that if you need help with your home cleaning chores, Maid In Hoboken has several professional services that will come handy for you. Book your service online.