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Got a story about cleaning? Send it to us. We want the dirt!



Let’s be honest; most of us realize the dirty, unsanitary conditions of our mattresses but choose to pull a fresh sheet over the mattress pad and think ‘out of sight, out of mind’! The importance of cleaning one’s mattress is often overlooked. All mattresses need to be cleaned occasionally.  The general recommendation is at least once or twice a year.  Some mattresses will come with specific instructions for cleaning them, if yours did, please follow those instructions so you can keep any warranties that your mattress has!  If... read more


Nothing completes that cozy vibe inside your home more than those soft carpets you decided to put in. Aside from the comfort they give, it makes the floor much less slippery. Although, as great as they seem to be, keeping the carpets clean involves a handful of effort. From having kids playing around and pets running all over, something is bound to make a mess. It feels like the world is falling into pieces, so you go to Google to seek some answers. Most results might recommend hiring... read more


A brand new upholstered couch looks fabulous until the stains and dirt start to set in. You may not notice it at first, but eventually, you will walk into the room and realize that your new, clean couch is now dirty, dusty and, worst of all, smelly! Cleaning upholstery can be somewhat tricky; you run the risk of damaging the fibers or material if you aren’t careful, while the result may not always be satisfactory. The key here is to go about cleaning your upholstered couch with a... read more

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