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Modern life is incredibly busy. When it comes to cleaning the kitchen, there’s no substitute for weekly maintenance or a thorough spring cleaning, but how about those small, pesky tasks if you have just a minute to spare? Today, we’ll give you some handy pointers on clean kitchen checklist making the most of every spare second to keep your house spotless. The One-Minute Rule The one-minute rule is super-simple.  If you can take care of a cleaning task right away, just do it rather than thinking about when... read more


Every parent has been through that pounding frustration of looking ways to organize kids room and keeping it tidy all the time. After picking everything up and putting all toys and knick-knacks away, the kids will probably come and mess it up again. The cycle could go on forever. But worry not! We got you covered! Here are simple tips to get your child’s room in order and to keep it that way! Take inventory of everything inside. Like with other cleaning tasks, making a list of inventory... read more


Thanksgiving starts the busiest holiday season of the year.  If you are hosting the Thanksgiving Dinner, you need to get your cooking supplies and prepare your home ahead of time.   If you’re already panicking because of the before and after Thanksgiving cleaning is overwhelming, then stop for a minute. We’ve made a checklist that can help you go through the holidays in a breeze, regarding cleaning, that is. So let’ start: Start cleaning from ceiling to your floor We all know this tip isn’t just for cleaning before... read more