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Home cleaning is not exactly one’s idea of fun. In fact, in can be one of the most mundane things to do alone (especially if you’re not much of a clean freak). Nevertheless, home cleaning is a must, and someone’s got to do it! So if that person is you, consider these five ways to make cleaning just little more fun for yourself. Ways to Make Home Cleaning Fun Get in the Groove! The cleaning hype almost comes when you’re grooving to some upbeat, sing-along music. It’s a... read more


Are you tired of seeing piles of clothes around your room? Pairs of shoes around the place and your dresser. Tabletops cluttered with stuff; and dust and dirt on every surface? Are you ready to keep your bedroom clean from now on? Okay then! It’s time you followed these tips to get your room in top condition or hire a regular house cleaning in Hoboken, NJ! Steps to Maintain a Clean Bedroom Get Rid of Unnecessary Things There are plenty of things you could get rid of by cluttering... read more


You’ve probably been thinking that your dishwasher is cleaning itself each time you ran it, until one fine day you happened to take a closer look inside. As you scan the entire interiors until the back of the appliance, you might get horrified with a disgusting picture. You may find an easy and efficient way to wash your dishwasher to make it clean again. Deep cleaning your dishwasher is needed every other month or as and when needed. The importance of keeping this space clean and hygienic is... read more

Jan 24

How to Clean Your Fridge in 5 Easy Steps!

By Maid in Hoboken

It’s spring time! And while the weather outside is changing; your home is getting more cluttered and untidy by the day! So, as much as you may dread it, spring cleaning is on the cards, and it’s best you don’t waste any time in getting started. Here are a few great tips to help you prepare for spring cleaning and ultimately conquer it! 1. Make a List and Schedule Rather than find yourself in a state of confusion as to what needs to be done and where to... read more


Everyone has memories they cherish about their first apartment. And everyone wants to  hire an apartment cleaning services in order to save themselves from getting tired. My experience has been no different. I have a beautiful apartment in Jersey City Heights near the city of Hoboken. It looks beautiful, but at times it doesn’t smell quite so beautiful. When you live in an apartment building, you begin to realize that there are certain factors to have a clean apartment. You will really never be able to completely control. Many... read more

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