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Got a story about cleaning? Send it to us. We want the dirt!



It’s only but natural to make snap judgments when we see something out of the ordinary. So, whether you’re the employer or employee, you WILL be judged on the way you keep your office. Having an immaculate office will get you plenty of compliments while a messy office is bound to invite heavy criticism! Especially where business is concerned, first impressions can either seal the deal or break it before you even begin your pitch. With that in mind, let us enlighten you further on what a clean... read more

Office Cleaning

As if there wasn’t enough cleaning to do at home, now you have to worry about office cleaning too? I sense the frustration steadily growing at the mere thought of it. While you may think you’re better off just leaving the office a mess at the end of the day and running off to your safe haven, bear in mind that the instant you walk back in, there’ll be a dirty, messy office staring right back at you! There’s really no escaping it, you just have to get... read more

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