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Your tiled floors are prone to stains, dullness and tile grout which can all make your flooring look old and worn out well before its time. While cleaning ceramic tiles is not difficult, there are a couple of specific tips and methods to use to give them a deeper cleanse and reveal their original sheen. Take a look at our top picks for efficient cleaning and maintenance of your ceramic tiling. How to Efficiently Clean and Maintain Ceramic Tiled Flooring 1. Sweep and Mop Daily If you don’t want... read more


It is a battle waged in millions of homes across America almost every weekend. Parents, reasonably, mildly the first time, say “Okay, guys. It is time to clean up your bedrooms.” Parents feel they have to force some order. Children want their rooms to be their own – yet organized – domain. Children do have a lot on their plate sometimes. From school work, homework, and other extracurriculars, they are swamped with activities all throughout the week. It is why for most of them the weekends is their... read more


Hoboken may not be a polluted city to live in, but your house here very well could be. Most homeowners don’t realize that their indoor air is being contaminated by certain pollutants which lead to a list of allergies and other health issues. It is because of this ignorance that indoor air pollutants continue to cause harm in homes across the globe. We often take the quality of indoor air lightly because we believe that bad air only exists outside. However, it takes some steps to create a... read more