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While Hawaii and California take pride in their beaches, the majority of the nation’s best shores can be found along the Atlantic Ocean. From Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket to the Art Deco playground of South Beach, there’s plenty of choices for you. Although all of these East Coast beach destinations are great summer getaways, deciding which is the best one can be a tough decision. Are you all about wholesome fun or are you a party-goer for all jersey shore beach directions? Here is the list of New... read more

Jul 30

How to Organize and Clean Your Basement

By Maid in Hoboken

Basements in most homes are damp, dark and musty. They provide excellent storage space, but they can also quickly become stuffed full of too many things you don’t use often or simply want to set aside for “later.” There is no problem with storing things way for a later time, but if you have no organization beneath it and it degenerates into an uncontrolled mess, what is the point? You won’t be able to find the Christmas tree or that box of old baby clothes when you need... read more


Fourth of July is fast approaching, and you’re hosting this year’s celebration. Have you already planned the menu for your feast? Are you going for the usual all-meat barbecues? Most likely, so it’s safe to say that it isn’t the most vegan-friendly holiday, right? Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean you can’t invite your vegetarian family and friends for a backyard BBQ grill out this summer. In case you didn’t know, there are tons of vegan-friendly barbecue recipes that are as delicious as the traditional vegetarian bbq recipes. Here are... read more