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While many people prefer Spring or Summer for their weddings, either because of the weather or how versatile the styles can be for those seasons, Fall has a special place in the hearts of wedding planners. Autumn is a season of changes, when green turns into many colors on trees and provides a very spiritual setting, so it gives the wedding an opportunity to be special. Use the rustic colors of Autumn to create a romantic wedding of the century! Here are some fall-inspired wedding decorations that you’ll... read more


New Jersey may not have a lot of professional sports teams that bear its name, but the Garden State still hosts the some of the biggest sports teams in the country, and New Jerseyites still support them all the same. Here are five professional New Jersey pro sports teams that every person from the Garden State must love: Brooklyn Nets (Basketball) The Brooklyn Nets (formerly New Jersey Nets) may have moved state, but there is no denying that this NBA team has made a home in NJ for... read more


Although one of the smallest states in the United States, New Jersey is home to many premier tourist attractions. From national parks with areas of outstanding natural beauty to excellent museums and historical places, New Jersey is well deserving of its nickname “The Garden State” for being a place worth taking time to explore and have to have an adventure. Here’s a list of the top-rated places to visit in New Jersey: 1. Atlantic City and Boardwalk Often called the Las Vegas of the East Coast, Atlantic City... read more