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Basements in most homes are damp, dark and musty. They provide excellent storage space, but they can also quickly become stuffed full of too many things you don’t use often or simply want to set aside for “later.” There is no problem with storing things way for a later time, but if you have no organization beneath it and it degenerates into an uncontrolled mess, what is the point? You won’t be able to find the Christmas tree or that box of old baby clothes when you need... read more


Modern life is incredibly busy. When it comes to cleaning the kitchen, there’s no substitute for weekly maintenance or a thorough spring cleaning, but how about those small, pesky tasks if you have just a minute to spare? Today, we’ll give you some handy pointers on clean kitchen checklist making the most of every spare second to keep your house spotless. The One-Minute Rule The one-minute rule is super-simple.  If you can take care of a cleaning task right away, just do it rather than thinking about when... read more

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