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After Halloween, everything will pass by in a blur. Before you know it, it’s already New Year’s Eve, and your home isn’t ready for the celebration yet!  We all want to start the year with a bang (not literally). You clean your home, buy new things, and start a list of New Year’s Resolutions (which you forget entirely in the middle of the year). Kidding aside, the New Year is a time for us to celebrate a new beginning. So with this guide, we will help you prepare... read more


Celebrating the holidays can be both fun and chaotic for most. You must balance your time between work, friends, and family, while cooking, shopping, and cleaning. Being organized will give you less stress and more time to enjoy the festive season. The kitchen is probably the messiest area inside the house during the festive season. Being the heart of the home, this is where most families enjoy and prepare their holiday meals. With a lot going on from cooking food to entertaining guests, how do you keep your... read more

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